Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Day 4: Multimedia Design

Tonight, we were given the subject and requirements of our first project:

Curling Kiosk Assignment | Due Tuesday Feb. 23rd
Create the following Pages in Photoshop at these dimensions.  1024 x 768 72dpi

Create 4 separate Photoshop files that will serve as page designs for a Multimedia Kiosk. You will need these 4 pages: Main, Rules, Equipment and History pages. The Home or Landing Page should have a place for video. You will be responsible for designing the navigation system including buttons and a button down state. Indicate this on your different page designs with the correct button in a down state. Creativity is the goal. How do you make Curling fun and informative?  Copy and Paste text is permitted. I want you to spend time designing and not typing.  The assignment is Due Feb 23rd . All files to be handed in will be zipped and digitally sent to me through email to... Late assignments will lose 5% each day it is late.  

Research on the internet using google, wikipedia, flickr, and other related search sites. 

Ironically (or not), today's Google Doodle was:

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