Monday, March 29, 2010

(Multimedia Design) "Viral" Video

There will be no Final Test in this Class. Instead there is a final Assignment. The final Assignment is to create a Viral Web Video to be uploaded to YouTube using a Digital Video Camera or Digital Camera with a Video mode or your Laptop if you have neither camera. The video should be creative and appealing and while you are the author of the subject matter that applies to the video it must not be vulgar or distasteful in any way shape or form. This is not going to be an easy A or B. Only the very best videos will receive high marks. Research the best Viral Videos and look to see what makes them popular do not be afraid to push yourself creatively. If you are opposed to creating an account and posting the video to Youtube then you must have the video compressed and ready to be viewed at 480 x 320 on April 8th. There will be no late hand-ins for the final assignment.

This Weezer video combines many famous viral videos from the recent past:

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